In Geneva, prostitution is only allowed in certain specific areas. This is to ensure the safety of both the sex workers and the general public. The authorised areas are:

– Rue de Berne

– Rue de Geneve

– Rue de lausanne

– Rue de Zurich

Prostitution is a controversial topic, and there are many different opinions on it. Some people see it as a form of exploitation, while others see it as a legitimate form of work. What do you think?

Prostitution is legal in Geneva in specific areas

Escorts in Geneva are only legal in specific areas. These areas are well-known to the police and the prostitutes themselves, and are generally safe. The most well-known area for prostitution in Geneva is the Quartier Rouge, or Red Light District. This area is located in the old town, and is full of small streets and alleyways lined with red lights. Prostitutes in this area are required to undergo regular health checks, and the area is monitored by the police. There are also a few other areas in Geneva where prostitution is legal, though not as well known. These areas are generally safe as well, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings and not to go into any areas that look unsafe.

These areas are designated by the city and are well-known to the police

Prostitution is legal in Geneva, but only in certain areas that are designated by the city. These areas are well-known to the police and are typically clustered around major hotels and train stations. Prostitutes in Geneva are required to register with the city and undergo regular medical checkups. They are also required to carry a valid health certificate.

Prostitutes must have a permit from the city in order to work in these areas

In Geneva, prostitution is only allowed in specific areas that have been authorised by the city. Prostitutes must have a permit from the city in order to work in these areas. The authorised areas for prostitution are: the Rue de Berne, the Rue de Geneve, the Rue de lausanne, the Rue de Zurich, and the Rue des Fabriques. These areas are all located in the city centre, and are well known to the police. Prostitutes who work in these areas are required to undergo regular health checkups, and to carry a valid permit at all times.

The city provides free condoms to prostitutes

In the city of Geneva, prostitution is legal in certain areas. The city provides free condoms to prostitutes in these authorized areas in order to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the other benefits of this arrangement include the fact that it helps to keep prostitution off of the streets and out of neighborhoods where it would be disruptive. It also allows the city to monitor the health of the prostitutes and make sure they are not being exploited or abused.

The article discusses authorised locations for prostitution in Geneva. It notes that there are currently four authorised locations for prostitution in the city, and that the city council is considering increasing this number. It also discusses the various pros and cons of legalised prostitution, and argues that any decision on whether or not to increase the number of authorised locations should be based on a careful consideration of all the evidence.

France is among the top countries associated with the production of wine, coming after Spain and China, which have large amounts of land preserved for the production of wine. Travelling and touring is always an opportunity for you to learn, have different experiences and meet new people. Wine touring allows you to see how grapes are harvested, selected, fermented and bottled. To have the best wine tour France experience and discover different winemakers, book with You can also book with them to visit wineries France.

French Wine Vineyard

France has about 2 million hectares of vineyards, giving over 3,000 different wines. Generally, the northern part of France is considered for white wines, while the southern part is reputed for red wines. This is because of their favourable climatic conditions that support the growth of wine. France is responsible for producing 7 to 8 billion bottles of fine wine in one year.

Different French Wine Regions

There are several famous French wine regions on the French map. They include;


It is a wine region located near Luxembourg and Belgium. It has chalky soils and is the most northern part with cold climates, and all these factors support the growth of wine. As a result, sparkling wines are produced, which are used in most celebrations globally.


Alsace is a wine region in the northeast of France that lies in the Rhine Valley foothills, along the Rhine River and below the mountains of Vosges. The region mainly produces white wines and other varieties, including Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling grapes.


It is a region in the east famous for producing red wine known as Pinot Noir and white wines known as Chardonnay. The region covers 100 miles of land. The cold winters and warm summer climates support the well growing of the red grapes. The Cote d’Or district located in this region produces some fine wines that are very expensive and the most prestigious in the world.

The Loire Valley

The region is located in the northwest of France along the Loire River, and it’s well-known for its production of white wines like light Muscadets, tangy Sauvignon Blancs and Chenin Blanc. The wines come in different types, from the sweet ones to the mainly white to sparkling wines.


Bordeaux is one of France’s most famous wine regions and produces over 85% of red wine. It has more than 10,000 winegrowers and more than 60 different titles. Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carbernet Franc include some wine types grown in Bordeaux.

Best Wine Tours in France

A Day Trip to Champagne and 8 Tasting & Lunch

This is definitely among the best French wine tours. With a private or small group of people, you can take a day tour to learn different things in the Champagne region. During this time, discover and visit the most famous champagne houses like Taittinger or Moët & Chandon. While at these places, enjoy some real French lunch.

A Full-Day Tour to Loire Valley Chateaux

You get to be toured from the Paris streets to splendid Loire Valley countryside and follow the kings and queens of the French Renaissance steps. Here, you’ll experience a real-life fairy tale while in the complex interiors of the famous Chateaux of France and the delightful gardens.

A Tour to Loire Valley Chambord Castle, Lunch and Wine Tasting

Visit the Castle of Chambord and discover the wonders of this valley. Get to visit the Castles for a whole day from Paris and discover different wineries. Have lunch and taste delicious wines. This is also a great wine tours France.

Located between Sweden and Finland, Norway is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. Indeed, the knowledge of its natural wonders and its magnificent cities make you want to visit this country. Wild nature, wide open spaces, unique phenomena or unique landscape are characteristic features of Norway. According to some indicators, the inhabitants are also the happiest.

Visit the happiest city in the world

It is worth noting that according to the World Happiness Report, Norway was awarded the title of the happiest country in the world in 2017. This is due to the fact that its GDP per capita is really high. The life expectancy of Norwegians is also high and the less fortunate people have a good moral support. Namely, even the lowest paid jobs in Norway are considered better paid than many of the higher paid jobs in the rest of the world. It is sure that discovering this country will bring more joy and positive things in a person’s life.

Visit Norway for its midnight sun

The northern part of Norway is below the Arctic Circle. For this reason, the sun never sets in the summer. During the summer months, the sun remains visible on the horizon for 24 hours. This is the “midnight sun”. It is a characteristic feature of all Scandinavian countries. However, this phenomenon lasts longer in Norway. Conversely, during the winter months, a phenomenon called “polar night” occurs. During these periods, the sun is never present. This is a rare phenomenon that is not seen in other countries. This will absolutely make you want to visit Norway.

Discovering the Northern Lights

Also known as the polar light, the aurora borealis is a characteristic phenomenon of the Arctic regions. This phenomenon occurs between late autumn and early spring without anyone knowing exactly why. The city of Tromso is the best place in Norway to see the Northern Lights. In general, the Northern Lights are most visible between 6 pm and 1 am. It is a spectacular natural phenomenon that can only be seen in this beautiful country.

After the celebration of your union, choose a relaxing honeymoon. It’s an opportunity to travel together and start your married life. To do this, choose an unusual place with a breathtaking landscape. The Cook Islands is the place for you. Find out why these islands are so beautiful in this article. Understand why you should choose this place for your honeymoon.

Attractive beaches

After the fatigue during the organization and the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom deserve to relax. Both the man and the woman can recover well by going on a honeymoon to the Cook Islands. It is a group of about fifteen islands located in the South Pacific. More exactly, in the west of French Polynesia. It is an ideal destination for newlyweds. It has beautiful and serene beaches that allow you to get away from your routine. Silent white sands as far as the eye can see promise absolute privacy. You can dive into the crystal clear waters to explore the ocean floor. An opportunity for two not to be missed. Consult a custom tour operator for more information on traveling to the Cook Islands.

Activities for lovers

The Cook Islands offer leisure and entertainment for total relaxation. A wide range of relaxing activities are available. For example, you can go hiking in the rainforest-rich land. An excellent opportunity to walk peacefully next to your spouse. You can also discover the Rarotonga Island. There, it is possible to experience scooter tours. Don’t forget to take a Polynesian canoe ride. An excellent way to see the islets of the island up close. Indeed, this archipelago also promises a romantic stroll to encounter a breathtaking landscape. The craft market on these beautiful islands awaits you. You can buy black beads, braided hats, etc.

Luxury hotels for an incredible stay for two

In addition to beaches and activities, enjoy prestigious accommodations on your Cook Islands honeymoon. These are the hotels that fit everyone’s budget. You can enjoy your honeymoon with top-notch service. A loving welcome will brighten your honeymoon. The most recommended hotel is located in Rarotonga. It is the Crown Beach Resort and Spa. You will find a pleasant beach, friendly bungalows and various activities. It is an address reserved for adults. It combines comfort with modernity and calm. A garden, swimming pool and palm trees surround the resort.

With its postcard-worthy landscapes, Montenegro is a country that deserves to be known. It is located in the Balkans. It has a rugged relief. Indeed, the mountains of Montenegro are famous for their height, their fauna and their flora. Moreover, Montenegro means: black mountain. On the southwest side, it is bordered by the Adriatic Sea and thus benefits from a Mediterranean climate. Whether in winter or summer, it is a beautiful place to visit. Traveling to Montenegro can bring pleasant surprises. From a tourist point of view, there are mythical and picturesque places to discover, as well as spectacular roads or sanctuaries.

The serpentine road of Kotor

It is one of the most popular routes in Montenegro. Indeed, it is a must when visiting Montenegro. To travel this section of road is really exhilarating with its sixteen dangerous turns. However, it is only about eight kilometers long. It connects the city of Cetinje to the city of Kotor. On the way up, you can see the Kotor Mouths. It is an impressive view that leaves its mark. The Adriatic Sea is just below, with a breathtaking blue color. The beauty of the surrounding landscape is breathtaking.

The monastery of Ostrog

If you want to travel to Montenegro, the Ostrog Monastery is the place not to be missed. It is carved out of the cliffs of Mount Ostrog. This troglodyte monastery seems to be suspended in the void. Orthodox people from all over the world make their pilgrimage there, just like Catholics do in Lourdes. It is a religious site famous for its miraculous cures. It houses the relics of the order of Saint John of Jerusalem. To get there, you have to climb many steps. Once you reach the top, the view is splendid with the valley of the river Zeta.

Sveti Stefan

It is a small fortified village, nestled on a rocky islet in the municipality of Budva. A small corner of paradise, Sveti Stefan is no longer accessible to everyone. In fact, since a hotel complex has taken over the island, it is reserved only for a luxury clientele. It is a resort for celebrities or royalty. Only the beach remains public as well as the alleys where you can still take walks through the woods, such as pine and olive trees.

Do you like to live an adventure in unknown lands? Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of nature in Burma. This country offers you many wonderful destinations such as mountains, plains and beautiful beaches. Moreover, the Burmese are a friendly people. This article allows you to know more about this country.

A destination full of nature and the enigmatic Bagan

Most travelers find happiness in hiking through the Burmese jungle. If you too would like to experience this adventure, you should visit Kalaw. It is a picturesque village located at 1300 m above sea level on the Shan Plateau. As for Bagan, it is one of the most important Buddhist sites in the world. Currently, you can still discover more than 2000 Buddhist temples. To feel the unusual view and to enjoy the tranquility, you can take a hot air balloon ride. The mystery lies in the frozen frescoes and golden leaves of the temple that shine in the sun in silence. You see? This is the most spectacular place in Asia. If you want to know more about it, visit

Ngapali Paradise and Inle Lake

The fact that paradise exists is undeniable, it is located in Ngapali (on the shore of the Bay of Bengal). It is chosen as the most gentle beach in Burma and the sea is safe there. This place is ideal to admire the wonders of nature, so enjoy it. You can take a bike or scooter ride to discover the white sands, palm trees of this beach. For a nature destination, it’s impossible not to go to Inle Lake which offers you a peaceful landscape. The symphony of colors is diffused on the lake with scarves, fruits, Burmese cigars, etc. For a total change of scenery during your stay, it is not possible to miss its calm waters.

A welcoming population

The Burmese are considered as the most generous people in the world. This is one of the reasons why you should visit this country. You are welcome and a pleasant welcome awaits you when you arrive there. No matter where you go, you will be greeted by a smile on the face of the people. So, don’t worry because it is almost impossible that you are going to get an annoying visit from the Burmese when you are there. They are open and they want to help you without asking for anything in return. In short, you must go to Burma to see the kindness of this country.

Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia is the largest island in the world. Its landscapes are breathtaking. The nature, the beaches… the continent has everything to please. It is a popular destination for tourists and vacationers. However, given the vastness of its territory, which covers an area of 7.692 million km ², we can not visit everything during the vacations.

Great Barrier Reef, Uluru: emblematic places of Australia

Among the things to see in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is a must. It is one of the most famous attractions in the world. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it is the largest reef in the world, as it stretches over 2,000 km. Its clear and warm waters contain an incredibly diverse underwater wealth.

The emblem of the country remains without doubt Uluru or Ayers Rock. On the site of the Red Center is a huge rock that offers a unique spectacle. It changes color depending on the light during the day.

If you are short on time and can only visit one city, it must be Sydney. Thousands of species of plants are waiting for you at the Royal Botanic Garden. Otherwise, enjoy a nice walk along Port Jackson Bay.

Take in the sights

Ideal for a road-trip, take the Great Ocean Road westward through the state of Victoria on a 243 km coastal road. You drive along it admiring the ocean, the tropical forests, etc. Still in the west, but a little further north, you can admire savannah landscapes. The Kimberley is among the last virgin spaces in Australia. A postcard picture, it is dotted with baobabs and gorges.

For those who are fascinated by wildlife, Australia has many surprises in store. Take a trip to Kangaroo Island. It is the nature island par excellence. Otherwise, the largest park in Australia opens its doors to you. It is the Kakadu National Park which shelters an incredible diversity of fauna and flora.

A desire to escape

Whitsundays, an archipelago located in the Great Barrier Reef. A must-see when coming to Australia. It has 74 islands, whose landscapes are unique in the world. White sand, crystalline, turquoise and emerald waters, which are also warmed by a tropical sun. Enough to make you dream.

UNESCO World Heritage Site, the wild Tasmania Island is also a must-see destination to live a unique experience. Or go along the Outback in South Australia to get away from it all. It stretches from the northern Eyre Peninsula to the Flinders Ranges.

Sicily is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. Located a few kilometers from Italy, this island is full of an impressive and diverse landscape. Sicily is also the witness of a distant history, which still continues to amaze tourists to this day. So why visit Sicily? And what to do in Sicily?

Sicily: a paradisiacal landscape

If many tourists want to discover Sicily, it is mainly due to its picturesque landscape. Indeed, this island has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and even in the world. For example, you can go to the Spiaggia dei Conigli. Also called “Rabbit Island”, this beach has turquoise and shallow water, ideal for swimming. You can also admire the black sand of Forgia Vecchia. Finally, if you want more privacy, the beach of Valle i Muria is perfect for you.

But Sicily is not only known for its beaches. It also has a large volcano that is still active: the volcano Etna. Every year, Etna offers a very impressive lava flow show. Visit this site if you want to make an excursion there.

The city of Sicily also has a very original architecture, mixing both the baroque and modern style. There are also many buildings inspired by the ancient and medieval times in this place.

Sicily: a land rich in history

To visit Sicily is also to discover its history. Moreover, this is what makes it really special. This island has many monuments and remains, dating back to the ancient times. Such is the case of the famous Roman amphitheater, which is located in Syracuse. This building was used as a place for gladiators to fight. You can also visit the various ruins of Greek temples, which are true artistic masterpieces. If you like to go back to the old days, then you should definitely visit the historical sites of Syracuse, Taormina or Agrigento.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the various museums located in the city during your trips to Sicily. This will allow you to know more about this atypical place, but also about the history of humanity in general.

Sicily: a lively and cultural city

Even if Sicily is a historical city, it does not remain a dead city. Indeed, you can discover many interesting activities everywhere in this city.

You can, for example, do water sports. Many surfing and kit surf spots are located on the island. You can also take a little trip on a yacht to admire the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are a food lover, then you will not be disappointed in Sicily. The local cuisine is delicious and rich. Among the most popular dishes are cannoli and arancini. Since it is an island, you will also have a variety of choices in terms of seafood.

The city of Sicily also offers other fun activities such as hiking (on foot or by bicycle), excursions to Mount Etna, or participation in the various cultural festivals organized within the island.

To go on a trip abroad, the offers proposed by the travel agencies are quite valuable. Using a specialized agency allows you to better organize your trip and your stay in the chosen destination. Currently, the number of providers of tourist offers is constantly growing. Whether it is a classic travel agency or a specialized online agency. But which offer will be the most interesting between these two options?

Contact an online travel agency to simplify your life

A travel agency’s mission is to sell various tourist services such as the purchase of air tickets, transfers, accommodation, tourist activities, guides and transportation. Opting for an online travel agency is more advantageous for people who cannot travel to entrust the organization of their trip to an agency. This type of travel agency offers all the services that an agency is able to provide. Contacting a specialized agency online offers a real time saving as all transactions can be done online. On the other hand, the risk of scamming is never far away with these online service providers.

Using a traditional travel agency

Compared to an online agency, using a real travel agency is more reassuring. The direct contact with the organizer is likely to develop a certain confidence regarding the organization of his trip. Moreover, with this type of travel agency, travelers are sure to have contacts in case of problems during their stay. This professional is also able to propose personalized offers according to the needs of each one. Security for certain procedures such as payment of the stay or collection of the plane ticket can also be assured.

Tips for choosing a good travel agency

Currently, with the increasing number of tour operator providers, it is not easy to find the one that best suits your needs. The efficiency and reliability of the travel agency must also be taken into account. Thus, using the famous traditional marketing tool, “word of mouth” is the most effective way to find the best travel agency. This, whether it is a real agency or an online one. The seniority of the agency is also a good sign. Using this type of travel agency with a certain seniority and experience will allow you to enjoy a very satisfactory service.

Planning your trip alone or using an agency? The choice is quickly made for those who prefer to have everything well planned in order to avoid unexpected events. Opting for a travel agency can be quite advantageous. Follow our article to learn more.

Travel agency: what is it really about?

The main purpose of such an agency is to sell travel offers to customers wishing to acquire a planned stay. The agency acts as an intermediary between travelers and travel organizers, selling the products that various entities have provided. Its role also consists in advising its clients on the details of the trip, such as the various steps and rentals to be made. All the services offered to a client must be in accordance with his expectations and appetite for travel.

The different services offered by a travel agency

The agency takes care of planning your trip in its entirety. It is responsible for informing you about the different possibilities that are offered to you. According to your budget and your needs, the trip will be carried out by the agency. The agency takes care of guaranteeing you a stay without risk or accident. It also proposes activities that you can do once you are there. The travel agency also offers you the possibility of being accompanied by a tourist guide or renting a vehicle.

The advantages of consulting a travel agency

Hiring the services of a travel agency can be very beneficial, if only in terms of organization. Indeed, you will not have to worry about renting a hotel or about administrative procedures. The service provider will have already advised you beforehand. You will be able to make the most of your trip. Submitting the destination and defining expectations is all that the agency requires from its clients. In the smallest details, the agency will take care of making your stay exceptional and plan it according to your expectations. All the necessary arrangements will be made so that you do not miss anything. Another advantage of a travel agency is that you will be able to consult it in case you encounter any difficulties during your trip. Usually established internationally, it facilitates your travel abroad and can be equipped with one or more counters. So, for your next destination, why not opt for a travel agency that would suit your expectations?

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