After the celebration of your union, choose a relaxing honeymoon. It's an opportunity to travel together and start your married life. To do this, choose an unusual place with a breathtaking landscape. The Cook Islands is the place for you. Find out why these islands are so beautiful in this article. Understand why you should choose this place for your honeymoon.

Attractive beaches

After the fatigue during the organization and the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom deserve to relax. Both the man and the woman can recover well by going on a honeymoon to the Cook Islands. It is a group of about fifteen islands located in the South Pacific. More exactly, in the west of French Polynesia. It is an ideal destination for newlyweds. It has beautiful and serene beaches that allow you to get away from your routine. Silent white sands as far as the eye can see promise absolute privacy. You can dive into the crystal clear waters to explore the ocean floor. An opportunity for two not to be missed. Consult a custom tour operator for more information on traveling to the Cook Islands.

Activities for lovers

The Cook Islands offer leisure and entertainment for total relaxation. A wide range of relaxing activities are available. For example, you can go hiking in the rainforest-rich land. An excellent opportunity to walk peacefully next to your spouse. You can also discover the Rarotonga Island. There, it is possible to experience scooter tours. Don't forget to take a Polynesian canoe ride. An excellent way to see the islets of the island up close. Indeed, this archipelago also promises a romantic stroll to encounter a breathtaking landscape. The craft market on these beautiful islands awaits you. You can buy black beads, braided hats, etc.

Luxury hotels for an incredible stay for two

In addition to beaches and activities, enjoy prestigious accommodations on your Cook Islands honeymoon. These are the hotels that fit everyone's budget. You can enjoy your honeymoon with top-notch service. A loving welcome will brighten your honeymoon. The most recommended hotel is located in Rarotonga. It is the Crown Beach Resort and Spa. You will find a pleasant beach, friendly bungalows and various activities. It is an address reserved for adults. It combines comfort with modernity and calm. A garden, swimming pool and palm trees surround the resort.