With its postcard-worthy landscapes, Montenegro is a country that deserves to be known. It is located in the Balkans. It has a rugged relief. Indeed, the mountains of Montenegro are famous for their height, their fauna and their flora. Moreover, Montenegro means: black mountain. On the southwest side, it is bordered by the Adriatic Sea and thus benefits from a Mediterranean climate. Whether in winter or summer, it is a beautiful place to visit. Traveling to Montenegro can bring pleasant surprises. From a tourist point of view, there are mythical and picturesque places to discover, as well as spectacular roads or sanctuaries.

The serpentine road of Kotor

It is one of the most popular routes in Montenegro. Indeed, it is a must when visiting Montenegro. To travel this section of road is really exhilarating with its sixteen dangerous turns. However, it is only about eight kilometers long. It connects the city of Cetinje to the city of Kotor. On the way up, you can see the Kotor Mouths. It is an impressive view that leaves its mark. The Adriatic Sea is just below, with a breathtaking blue color. The beauty of the surrounding landscape is breathtaking.

The monastery of Ostrog

If you want to travel to Montenegro, the Ostrog Monastery is the place not to be missed. It is carved out of the cliffs of Mount Ostrog. This troglodyte monastery seems to be suspended in the void. Orthodox people from all over the world make their pilgrimage there, just like Catholics do in Lourdes. It is a religious site famous for its miraculous cures. It houses the relics of the order of Saint John of Jerusalem. To get there, you have to climb many steps. Once you reach the top, the view is splendid with the valley of the river Zeta.

Sveti Stefan

It is a small fortified village, nestled on a rocky islet in the municipality of Budva. A small corner of paradise, Sveti Stefan is no longer accessible to everyone. In fact, since a hotel complex has taken over the island, it is reserved only for a luxury clientele. It is a resort for celebrities or royalty. Only the beach remains public as well as the alleys where you can still take walks through the woods, such as pine and olive trees.