When you want to go on a trip, whether it's a short or long one, there's nothing better than preparing in advance: knowing the place, booking transportation tickets and hotel rooms, preparing activities...but before that, you have to gather all the necessary papers for your trip. Discover them here.

The essentials: the passport

In the past, the passport was only used for the movement of goods. It was not until 1464 that it was applied to humans. Today, it is impossible to travel abroad without this document. It is issued by the competent authorities to justify the identity of the person concerned. In other words, it provides information on the civil status of a person. The passport is valid for ten years for an adult and five years for a minor. After these periods, it is necessary to renew it because it is the essential document for travel. When you are traveling, be careful not to lose your passport. If you have to, keep it in a safe place, but it is imperative that you have it with you at all times when you are outside the borders of your home country.

The visa to stay abroad

Depending on the country you are going to visit, a visa application may be necessary. It is a document that the authorities of a country issue to allow foreigners to stay on its territory for a specific period of time. Most countries require a visa and include it as part of the travel documents, while some countries only require a passport. There are several types of visas depending on the purpose of your stay. You can apply for a long-stay visa if you are in the country to study or for family reunification. For a visit to the country, not exceeding three months, you can apply for a tourist visa.

Additional documents

In addition to the passport and visa, some countries require additional documents to travel on their territory. You may be asked to take out travel insurance. If this is the case, you should find out beforehand. Also, you should take a look at your vaccination record. Regardless of the destination, it is imperative to be up to date on certain vaccines: whooping cough, measles, tetanus, etc. Other specific vaccines are also recommended for visits to Africa, Asia or South America. Finally, you may also need a driver's license. Make sure you have this document, especially if you plan to travel by car once you are there.